They Asked What?

February 28th, 2013

Virtually everyone uses Google to find answers to questions, but consider how many times you’ve typed in your query in actual question format to produce search results.

Do you have an FAQ section on your website? Are you sure that those are the questions people are asking? If so, we can help you find out!

We recently came across a great blog post detailing how a new Google Analytics feature can help outline a better Q&A strategy for your site. The feature tracks what users are asking and where they are going on your site to find the answers. 

If your target audience is googling questions and not getting answers, they aren’t likely to convert into clients. We know from our perspective- that if you have a question about a website - we want to answer it on our Coalmarch website. (PS- let us know if you have a question that we haven’t answered!)

We have implemented this filter for several of our clients and we have found some interesting data. A lot of the questions that people were searching were things we had not thought of, and we have since added new content to our clients websites to improve their experience in finding answers. 

We’ve even tried it out on the Coalmarch site and found some useful and very funny question queries that have brought people to our site. “Best 80’s fantasy painting” brought one user to one of Jason Stanley’s favorite blog posts.

Take a jump over to SEOMoz and read more about this technique for yourself, then contact us if you’re interested in setting this feature up on your site.

About The Author

Maria leads our sales & strategy department where she works with prospective clients on their website and marketing strategies. She enjoys helping clients to grow their business...Find out more!