RCA Tablets


We're not gonna lie - when RCA contacted us, we were a little star-struck. We've done some pretty important work over the years, but it's always a thrill when such a well-known, established brand comes a-knocking. At the time, their North American division, ALCO Electronics, was introducing a new line of tablets and needed a web presence to get it off the ground. Did we want to work with them? You bet your boombox we did. 

The Challenge

Our task was to build a website that would delight and inform visitors, and get them pumped about owning an RCA tablet. With so many competing products in out there, we had to define RCA's niche as a high-quality resource for tablet technology that won't break the bank. We had to define a target audience, develop great value-oriented messaging, and hit an emotional note that would compel visitors to make take the plunge with RCA. 

The result: Explore a world of possibilities - for less.

The Solution

The bottom line was that RCA needed a responsive, custom-designed website that included original messaging and content, product information, custom photography, and e-commerce. No biggie. 

Branding Position & Design

RCA isn't just a big name brand - it's a brand with a rich history. We wanted to tap into that legacy, so we went straight for our favorite RCA icon - Nipper the terrier. Though the real-life Nipper crossed the Rainbow Bridge way back in '85 (1885, that is), we brought back some of his descendants to charm visitors and elicit a bit of brand nostalgia. Besides, come on, who doesn't love looking at puppies?

Product Photography and Post Production

The key to selling things online is....wait for it....making sure they look really great. Rocket science? Not so much. But it does take some finesse. And with iPods and Kindles out there in the world, it was particularly important that we make the RCA tablets shine. We coordinated and art directed our shoot, then spent a lot of time in post production to ensure that the tablets looked great. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand bucks words.


We needed to be able to sell accessories for the tablets online and reference those accessories contextually. So we used Ubercart, a Drupal shopping card solution. We were able to tag products with their accessories and display them intuitively throughout the site. As with any of our e-commerce solutions, we also set up the digital certificate for secure transactions and gateway for payment processing. In short, we delivered a standalone e-commerce solution that provides turnkey functionality, making it user-friendly for RCA and their customers.

The Results

The site launched in October. Within three months, it drew in 1.3 million page views from nearly 250,000 unique visitors, and 447,000 hits. On Christmas Day alone the site got 65,000 visits. Now that's how you launch a consumer product line!