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Did Google just change its algorithm again? Want to know what we think about that? How about the most effective use of your online marketing dollars? Is it a managed Pay Per Click campaign, or straight organics? Take a look-see and feel free to ask questions or offer your own insights!

Inbound Specialist
Rachel Pratt

July 13, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing

Have you recently launched a website? You should really be utilizing Google Analytics to set up goals and measure success. Even if you already have Google Analytics installed, you may not have all the tracking in place to measure what’s most important to you and your business. If you have analytics on your site, you may have set up goals for new... read more

Rachel Betterbid Marketing Coordinator
Inbound Specialist
Rachel Betterbid

April 2, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing

If you work in the marketing field -- whether it be with online/digital marketing, public relations, advertising, or media relations -- chances are you’ve heard by now that content marketing is all the rage. If you’re not entirely sure exactly what content marketing is, let’s refresh your memory! According to good ol’ Wikipedia, content marketing... read more

Inbound Specialist
Teryn-Elizabeth Means

March 6, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing, Just for Fun

Last week I braved Snowmageddon ‘15 and attended the High Five Conference in downtown Raleigh. Slipping and sliding down Salisbury St. was well worth the chance to learn from inspirational keynote speakers and knowledgeable attendees. Through all of the stories that were told and lessons that were learned, my biggest takeaway was the thread that... read more


February 5, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing

My first meeting on my first day as a Coalmarch employee convinced me marketing was a foreign language. I had barely taken off my coat before I joined the team for a Monday morning production meeting, which consisted of a conversation I struggled to follow and understand. The team was spitting out words like “revenue forecasting,” “dev environment... read more

Inbound Specialist
Teryn-Elizabeth Means

August 21, 2014
Filed under: Online Marketing

We all know that college comes after high school and that learning the alphabet is necessary in order to read. As marketers, we understand that a site must be mapped and designed before it can be built and that content must be generated before it can be optimized. But what happens once the site launches? You might think the answer is obvious, but... read more


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