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Did Google just change its algorithm again? Want to know what we think about that? How about the most effective use of your online marketing dollars? Is it a managed Pay Per Click campaign, or straight organics? Take a look-see and feel free to ask questions or offer your own insights!

Marketing Strategist
Rachel Pratt

April 17, 2014
Filed under: Online Marketing

Creating great, relevant content is important for driving traffic to your website, but making your content easy to digest for visitors is crucial for driving conversions. You can have great information on the page, but if no one is reading it, you aren’t going to convince visitors to convert.  The same content can be digested differently... read more

Managing Director
Jason Stanley

July 23, 2013
Filed under: Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Marketing

How to make your images Pin-friendly I thought I would share our Pinterest optimization strategy for those of you looking to maximize the shareability and ROI of images on your websites. First of all, why is it even important? Well, for one thing Pinterest is blowing up. The popular social media site launched in March 2010 and currently has over... read more

Mobile Search and Google Adwords Campaigns

Marketing Strategist
Rachel Pratt

April 22, 2013
Filed under: Online Marketing

More people are using mobile devices than ever before. Mobile traffic is expected to outpace desktop traffic by 2014. Google Adwords is becoming a part of this change by displaying campaigns across multiple devices whether or not that option is selected.  Under Adwords “enhanced campaigns” advertisers will have to pay for impressions on... read more

Coalmarch icon

February 28, 2013
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing

When the YMCA of the Triangle came to us in December with plans for a January membership drive, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with their traditional marketing team to create an integrated approach that streamlined website messaging and user experience with the goals of pay per click and radio promotions. The Goal:... read more

Associate Marketing Director
Maria Mayorga

February 28, 2013
Filed under: Online Marketing

Virtually everyone uses Google to find answers to questions, but consider how many times you’ve typed in your query in actual question format to produce search results. Do you have an FAQ section on your website? Are you sure that those are the questions people are asking? If so, we can help you find out! We recently came across a great blog... read more


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