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Marketing Specialist
Monica Weddle

April 4, 2017
Filed under: Latest News

2017 has come in like a lion, as they say, whoever "they" are.  Coalmarch has always been a dynamic workplace, and the past quarter hasn't been any different. Here are some highlights from Q1: Alanna Young joined the inbound marketing team at the tail end of January and has been a boon to her clients and coworkers alike. But - (no offense,... read more

Jason Stanley

February 27, 2017
Filed under: Latest News, Website Design and Development, Online Marketing

How the growth of Alexa, Siri, Ok Google, Cortana, and Bixby are shaping the future of lead generation.   Back in November I published a post about how I expect emerging voice technology and digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Ok Google to impact how people find and use services in the future. The next month, I presented my... read more


January 31, 2017
Filed under: Latest News

Last December, we hosted the very first CO2 conference - an owners summit for service-based businesses. Leaders from lawn and pest control companies across the country convened in Raleigh to discuss best practices for everything from digital marketing to technician training, learning from each other as much as from our incredible panel of... read more

This is an image of a woman using Amazon’s home assistant, Echo.  Photo Credit: GeekLife

Jason Stanley

November 11, 2016
Filed under: Latest News, Online Marketing

  “Alexa, I need a good pest control company.”   If you don’t understand the significance of that sentence, then strap yourself in, I am going to take you on a journey and explain how I think voice search will change the way service-based companies market themselves and source leads in the near future. If you are a savvy business... read more

Accounts Director
Lauren Henderson

September 28, 2016
Filed under: Latest News, Just for Fun, Administration & Management

As an NC State alumna and past collegiate AMA president, I am very passionate about helping students gain the necessary skills to get jobs in the marketing and business world. In my last semester of college, I had received many job offers from companies in Raleigh, but none of which I truly saw myself doing. So after graduation, I found... read more


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