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From the latest trends in HTML5 and CSS3 to user interface, user experience, and Drupal web development, the Coal Bucket is where we share our knowledge and experience in building great websites. Feel free to browse around, post your feedback, and maybe learn a little more about website design!

Front End Developer
Autumn Welles

May 29, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Omega is a base theme for Drupal that uses Drush, Sass, Compass, and Susy to jumpstart your theme. I'm going to break down how each of these things work together to make theme development a whole lot easier. There is a bit of setup involved, so you should be somewhat comfortable with the command line (Terminal). Prerequisites Ruby (I'm... read more

Drupal Developer
Ryan Scotton

May 8, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

If someone asked me about Cron jobs a year ago when I first started working at Coalmarch, my first thought would’ve been “Which Transformer was Cron again? And why is he looking for work?” I was completely new to Drupal and had no concept of what Cron was or what role it plays in Drupal website management and maintenance. Do you really only want... read more

Will McMillian
PHP Developer
Will McMillian

May 1, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Writing a Drupal “installation profile” or Drupal “distribution” can be quite confusing and daunting at first. In fact, it can be so confusing that it’s hard to even know where to start! When Coalmarch tasked me with creating a new distribution for some of our internal projects, I knew I had a big task on my hands. So, I wrote this post to,... read more

Front End Developer
Autumn Welles

May 12, 2014
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Recently, I was presented with a CSS challenge. The comp, provided by our very own Todd Robert, was laid out something like this: The bright blue lines are just there as visual guides. If this were the ‘90s, I’d just use some tables and be done with it! However, all of the sites we create (at least nowadays) are responsive, so that wasn’t an... read more

Coalmarch icon

August 15, 2013
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Here at Coalmarch we live and breathe by Drupal. That being said, we are always looking for ways to contribute back to the Drupal community that helps us on a daily basis. The evolution into a module A while back I had created a small jQuery script that would scroll users to destination anchor links. By default browsers will instantaneously... read more


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