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With 20 employees and growing, we at Coalmarch spend a lot of time thinking about our culture (HUPPSA!), working on training and employee improvement, and tracking the progress and success of our work. Our Administration & Management blog is where we share our experiences as we grow and learn how to be a better company.

Inbound Specialist
Jay Stalls

April 18, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

Your company is growing and you’re hiring. You post your job listings on Indeed, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can find. You’re getting the clicks, but not getting the candidates you’re looking for. It’s time to ask, is your Team Page attracting the right employees? Before your company chooses the right candidate, the right candidate must... read more

Product Strategist
Maggie Baker

March 21, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

If your service company heats up in the spring and summer months, you’re probably working on building up your A-team right now. The busy season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and despite this latest cold snap, that’s definitely the case for most of you. With leads pouring in and hiring left to do, you’re probably wondering, “How... read more

Inbound Specialist
Laura Simis

February 17, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

In the 1930’s, Delia Copley was the first woman to become a licensed pest control operator in North Carolina. In 2017, service-based industries like pest control, lawn care, or HVAC are often perceived as a boys’ club, especially when it comes to technician positions. Women tend to be drawn to managerial or supportive office roles, working as... read more

Coalmarch icon

February 7, 2017
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Marketing, Administration & Management

Service businesses live and die by their ability to get leads, and the internet is a virtual goldmine. But in an ever-expanding sea of competing listings, it takes more than a $20 DIY website and a Facebook page to get noticed. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a million dollar marketing budget, either. The Grow! Inbound Marketing System - How to... read more

Accounts Director
Lauren Henderson

September 28, 2016
Filed under: Latest News, Just for Fun, Administration & Management

As an NC State alumna and past collegiate AMA president, I am very passionate about helping students gain the necessary skills to get jobs in the marketing and business world. In my last semester of college, I had received many job offers from companies in Raleigh, but none of which I truly saw myself doing. So after graduation, I found... read more


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