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With 20 employees and growing, we at Coalmarch spend a lot of time thinking about our culture (HUPPSA!), working on training and employee improvement, and tracking the progress and success of our work. Our Administration & Management blog is where we share our experiences as we grow and learn how to be a better company.

Inbound Specialist
Laura Simis

February 17, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

In the 1930’s, Delia Copley was the first woman to become a licensed pest control operator in North Carolina. In 2017, service-based industries like pest control, lawn care, or HVAC are often perceived as a boys’ club, especially when it comes to technician positions. Women tend to be drawn to managerial or supportive office roles, working as... read more

Coalmarch icon

February 7, 2017
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Marketing, Administration & Management

Service businesses live and die by their ability to get leads, and the internet is a virtual goldmine. But in an ever-expanding sea of competing listings, it takes more than a $20 DIY website and a Facebook page to get noticed. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a million dollar marketing budget, either. The Grow! Inbound Marketing System - How to... read more

Accounts Director
Lauren Henderson

September 28, 2016
Filed under: Latest News, Just for Fun, Administration & Management

As an NC State alumna and past collegiate AMA president, I am very passionate about helping students gain the necessary skills to get jobs in the marketing and business world. In my last semester of college, I had received many job offers from companies in Raleigh, but none of which I truly saw myself doing. So after graduation, I found... read more

Analytics Director
Lee Kennedy

December 9, 2015
Filed under: Administration & Management

We use the "IMPORT RANGE" function in Google Sheets frequently. It's crucial when trying to work with the behemoth of admin documents we have. Luckily, it's a pretty straightforward function. All it does is pull in a cell from another sheet into the sheet we're working in. But, there's one problem with it: if you're working with a... read more

Coalmarch icon

September 16, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Administration & Management

If somehow you missed one of our previous posts that explained what HUPPSA means and why it’s important to us, here’s a quick refresher: H: Helpful U: Upstanding P: Passionate P: Positive S: Smart A: Authentic These are our core values as a company, and the inspiration for this post is the S - Smart. Being smart means we need to keep... read more


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