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Search Director
Lee Kennedy

July 23, 2015
Filed under: Latest News, Administration & Management

When I wrote my previous post, the idea of tracking KPIs across the company seemed like a relatively simple idea. Boy, was I wrong! We only just implemented them a few months ago. It took six months to get everything in place. Why? First, because we’re really busy (we just finished hiring six new employees!). Second, and more importantly,... read more


July 22, 2015
Filed under: Latest News, Website Design and Development

On Wednesday afternoon, our very own Ryan Scotton led a talk at Duke University detailing Coalmarch’s custom integration with Duke's 3rd party system, Scholars@Duke. This is a project that Ryan and the rest of the Coalmarch development team have been diligently working on for almost 2 years, and are beyond excited to begin demonstrating its full... read more

Technical Director
Stacey Vernon

July 20, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Administration & Management

I’ve been in my new role with Coalmarch for just over 90 days (yay!), although it seems like more time must have passed than that. In looking back over my 90 day objectives and reviewing my goals, I’m most proud of this one: “Implement Scrum as the new development methodology.” Jason, our Managing Director, had introduced the idea of Scrum to the... read more

Inbound Specialist
Rachel Pratt

July 13, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing

Have you recently launched a website? You should really be utilizing Google Analytics to set up goals and measure success. Even if you already have Google Analytics installed, you may not have all the tracking in place to measure what’s most important to you and your business. If you have analytics on your site, you may have set up goals for new... read more

Inbound Specialist
Jessica Corson

July 7, 2015
Filed under: Just for Fun, Administration & Management

When I first joined Coalmarch and learned about HUPPSA, I was impressed with how much importance Coalmarch puts on individual growth and the company culture. It is an incredible feeling to know that I work at a company where I’m valued as an employee and as a person. We take pride in our motto and try to live by its meaning each day, both in and... read more


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