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Will McMillian
PHP Developer
Will McMillian

May 1, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Writing a Drupal “installation profile” or Drupal “distribution” can be quite confusing and daunting at first. In fact, it can be so confusing that it’s hard to even know where to start! When Coalmarch tasked me with creating a new distribution for some of our internal projects, I knew I had a big task on my hands. So, I wrote this post to,... read more

Digital Strategist
Meg Ludlam

April 17, 2015
Filed under: Just for Fun

There are so many companies out there who preach the benefits of having some type of unique culture instilled into its core values. Some do it well, and some don’t do it at all. I’ve had the privilege of working for a variety of different companies, across multiple states, in multiple industries - all of which have had a different culture and a... read more

Rachel Betterbid Marketing Coordinator
Inbound Specialist
Rachel Betterbid

April 2, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing

If you work in the marketing field -- whether it be with online/digital marketing, public relations, advertising, or media relations -- chances are you’ve heard by now that content marketing is all the rage. If you’re not entirely sure exactly what content marketing is, let’s refresh your memory! According to good ol’ Wikipedia, content marketing... read more


March 13, 2015
Filed under: Latest News

This coming Sunday is the annual Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, and would you believe us if we told you nearly half the company is going to be running in it? The fact that so many of us are going to be representing Coalmarch says a little something about our competitive nature!  If you aren’t exactly privy to what the Tobacco Road Marathon... read more

Inbound Specialist
Teryn-Elizabeth Means

March 6, 2015
Filed under: Online Marketing, Just for Fun

Last week I braved Snowmageddon ‘15 and attended the High Five Conference in downtown Raleigh. Slipping and sliding down Salisbury St. was well worth the chance to learn from inspirational keynote speakers and knowledgeable attendees. Through all of the stories that were told and lessons that were learned, my biggest takeaway was the thread that... read more


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