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Search Director
Lee Kennedy

May 20, 2015
Filed under: Administration & Management

When I wrote my previous post, the idea of tracking KPIs across the company seemed like a relatively simple idea. Boy, was I wrong. We only just implemented them a month or two ago. It took six months to get everything in place. Why? First, because we’re really busy (we just finished hiring six new employees!). Second, and more importantly,... read more

Managing Director
Jason Stanley

May 19, 2015
Filed under: Administration & Management

Here at Coalmarch, our fundamental business challenge is to interpret the objectives of our clients and translate them into marketing strategies and functional websites. The more effectively we do this, the happier our clients are. The more efficiently we do it, the happier our bottom line is. And therein lies the rub- how can we build... read more

Drupal Developer
Ryan Scotton

May 8, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

If someone asked me about Cron jobs a year ago when I first started working at Coalmarch, my first thought would’ve been “Which Transformer was Cron again? And why is he looking for work?” I was completely new to Drupal and had no concept of what Cron was or what role it plays in Drupal website management and maintenance. Do you really only want... read more

Will McMillian
PHP Developer
Will McMillian

May 1, 2015
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Writing a Drupal “installation profile” or Drupal “distribution” can be quite confusing and daunting at first. In fact, it can be so confusing that it’s hard to even know where to start! When Coalmarch tasked me with creating a new distribution for some of our internal projects, I knew I had a big task on my hands. So, I wrote this post to,... read more

Digital Strategist
Meg Parrish

April 17, 2015
Filed under: Just for Fun

There are so many companies out there who preach the benefits of having some type of unique culture instilled into its core values. Some do it well, and some don’t do it at all. I’ve had the privilege of working for a variety of different companies, across multiple states, in multiple industries - all of which have had a different culture and a... read more


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