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Inbound Specialist
Laura Simis

February 17, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

In the 1930’s, Delia Copley was the first woman to become a licensed pest control operator in North Carolina. In 2017, service-based industries like pest control, lawn care, or HVAC are often perceived as a boys’ club, especially when it comes to technician positions. Women tend to be drawn to managerial or supportive office roles, working as... read more

Digital Strategist
Meg Parrish

February 13, 2017
Filed under: Just for Fun

When I first started at Coalmarch 3 ½ years ago, I was the first person in my brand new position. The company had just narrowed down its niche to working with just lawn care and pest control companies, and my shiny new job was the first of its kind. Because we were transitioning our sales focus, we had lots to learn and there were a lot of... read more

Coalmarch icon

February 7, 2017
Filed under: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Marketing, Administration & Management

Service businesses live and die by their ability to get leads, and the internet is a virtual goldmine. But in an ever-expanding sea of competing listings, it takes more than a $20 DIY website and a Facebook page to get noticed. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a million dollar marketing budget, either. The Grow! Inbound Marketing System - How to... read more


January 31, 2017
Filed under: Latest News

Last December, we hosted the very first CO2 conference - an owners summit for service-based businesses. Leaders from lawn and pest control companies across the country convened in Raleigh to discuss best practices for everything from digital marketing to technician training, learning from each other as much as from our incredible panel of... read more

Account Coordinator
Desirae Ward

December 15, 2016
Filed under: Just for Fun

There will forever be conflict in this world. If you think about it, our country was built on it. A true tell of character is how one handles these conflicts when they arise. Here are a few tips I’ve learned on how to handle the conflict that may arise while in the workplace; fortunately, these tips can apply to issues in your personal life too... read more


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