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Welcome to the Coalmarch blog, where we write about website design, programming, Drupal, Adobe Photoshop, how not to get run over by a downtown Raleigh bus, and much, much more.

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Account Coordinator
Christin Nein

May 19, 2014
Filed under: Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Marketing

As a small company, you are looking for ways to bring in business. You do not have the brand recognition that many of your larger competitors have and need to find a way to stand out in the minds of your potential customers. This is where your unique value proposition comes in.  Your company's unique value proposition (UVP) is how you... read more

Front End Developer
Autumn Welles

May 12, 2014
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Recently, I was presented with a CSS challenge. The comp, provided by our very own Todd Robert, was laid out something like this: The bright blue lines are just there as visual guides. If this were the ‘90s, I’d just use some tables and be done with it! However, all of the sites we create (at least nowadays) are responsive, so that wasn’t an... read more

Marketing Strategist
Rachel Pratt

April 17, 2014
Filed under: Online Marketing

Creating great, relevant content is important for driving traffic to your website, but making your content easy to digest for visitors is crucial for driving conversions. You can have great information on the page, but if no one is reading it, you aren’t going to convince visitors to convert.  The same content can be digested differently... read more

Coalmarch icon

August 15, 2013
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Here at Coalmarch we live and breathe by Drupal. That being said, we are always looking for ways to contribute back to the Drupal community that helps us on a daily basis. The evolution into a module A while back I had created a small jQuery script that would scroll users to destination anchor links. By default browsers will instantaneously... read more

Todd Robert
Creative Director
Todd Robert

August 2, 2013
Filed under: Just for Fun, Graphic Design and Marketing

I love a good beer. Aside from drinking it, my wife and I have been brewing it at home for over a decade.  In that time it’s been amazing to watch the craft beer industry grow, especially locally.  When my good friend told me he was going to start a brewery and asked for my help with their identity, I couldn’t say no. In my 15+ years as... read more


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