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Inbound Specialist
Jay Stalls

April 18, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

Your company is growing and you’re hiring. You post your job listings on Indeed, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can find. You’re getting the clicks, but not getting the candidates you’re looking for. It’s time to ask, is your Team Page attracting the right employees? Before your company chooses the right candidate, the right candidate must... read more

Marketing Specialist
Monica Weddle

April 4, 2017
Filed under: Latest News

2017 has come in like a lion, as they say, whoever "they" are.  Coalmarch has always been a dynamic workplace, and the past quarter hasn't been any different. Here are some highlights from Q1: Alanna Young joined the inbound marketing team at the tail end of January and has been a boon to her clients and coworkers alike. But - (no offense,... read more

Analytics Director
Lee Kennedy

March 28, 2017
Filed under: Online Marketing

  How we're changing the game with predictive analytics (Looking for the webinar signup? Read on or click here) Most agencies build and market websites for a wide range of industries. They may be good at different marketing channels (Facebook, email, AdWords), but only get to know each client’s industry on a superficial level. In other... read more

Product Strategist
Maggie Baker

March 21, 2017
Filed under: Administration & Management

If your service company heats up in the spring and summer months, you’re probably working on building up your A-team right now. The busy season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and despite this latest cold snap, that’s definitely the case for most of you. With leads pouring in and hiring left to do, you’re probably wondering, “How... read more

Director of Inbound Marketing
Frank Andolina

March 14, 2017
Filed under: Online Marketing

An Open Letter to Google   Dear Google: There’s a problem with your local search rankings, and it’s time to make a change. As the Director of Inbound Marketing for an agency that represents service-based companies, I’ve learned quickly that the only way for these businesses to rank locally is for them to open physical locations closest to... read more


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