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Accounts Director
Lauren Henderson

September 28, 2016
Filed under: Latest News, Just for Fun, Administration & Management

As an NC State alumna and past collegiate AMA president, I am very passionate about helping students gain the necessary skills to get jobs in the marketing and business world. In my last semester of college, I had received many job offers from companies in Raleigh, but none of which I truly saw myself doing. So after graduation, I found... read more

Coalmarch icon

June 28, 2016
Filed under: Website Design and Development

Last April, Autumn, Brian, and I attended SmashingConf SF 2016, an amazing conference hosted by one of the best web design/development resources on the web, Smashing Magazine. I owe a lot of my early interest in web development to nights spent browsing through their enormous site - it is chock full of web goodness, so if you haven’t seen it before... read more

Front End Developer
Autumn Welles

June 13, 2016
Filed under: Website Design and Development

In April, I attended Smashing Conference along with Ryan Scotton and Brian Coffelt in San Francisco. One of the overarching themes of Smashing Conference was pattern libraries, which inspired me to create a pattern library solution for Coalmarch. As the conference went on, and even after we got back to Raleigh, I started thinking about how we... read more

Managing Director
Jason Stanley

June 13, 2016
Filed under: Just for Fun

I’m the Managing Director for Coalmarch Productions, and I love it. In my role I am responsible for the financial performance of the company, hiring and retaining great people, delivering exceptional results for our clients, and developing and nourishing a great culture that helps make Coalmarch a fun, rewarding, and meaningful place to work. It... read more

Conversion Specialist
Rachel Betterbid

May 20, 2016
Filed under: Online Marketing

If you run a pest control company, chances are your yearly business goals are centered around sustaining or growing your annual revenue. Having worked with many pest control companies all over the United States for a few years now, I realize that revenue is one of the main points of discussion when running a business in this industry. It’s... read more


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